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Conceptual Elevations of The Residence - Residential Architect Denver

residential architect denver

This project began as a single-story home in the historic Park Hill Neighborhood.

GMH By Design was hired to “pop-the-top”, creating a second story with master suite, a second bedroom and bath, and a rooftop deck.

This allowed us to open up the main floor. What was once a disjointed, broken-up spatial plan became an open space that inculdes the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The exterior improvements respect the historical context and character of the neighborhood as well as enhance its identity.

Mastersuite - Residential Architect Denver
Sitting Room - Residential Architect Denver
Staircase to Upper Floor - Residential Architect Denver


  • Programming
  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Services
  • Project Management

project information:

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Started: April 2012
  • Completed: December 2012


This thirty-Something client had owned the house for a number of years, tried to sell it, and then decided to join the neighborhood trend and “pop-the-top”.

design – residential architect denver

GMH By Design believes that design is the most important step of the process. This is where ideas are collected and weighed for need and want. Until a budget has been established, let the creative juices flow.

develop – residential architect denver

Once a direction for your project has been chosen, GMH By Design will develop conceptual drawings to determine the form and flow of the addition and remodel, what exterior materials might be, and where doors and windows will be located.

document – residential architect denver

GMH By Design will create the necessary documentation to permit and construct your remodel and addition. In addition, with our expertise we will not only help manage the project but make it as painless as possible during the process.

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