northeast christian church – louisville

churches call to, ground, and support their community and congregations.

like a prayer GMH By Design can take you there…making your project a blessing and success

Conceptual Elevations of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture

northeast christian church – louisville

This project was an interior and exterior remodel of an existing building with the addition of a new major whorship space and building.

Because the congregation consisted of a large group of returning or newly returned members the intent was to create the feeling of coming home.

As such, the project intent was to capitalize on that and recreate “small town, america”. The Main Street of the project is flanked by the remodeled existing building and the new worship center.

*Services provided while employed at Visioneering Studios.

Downhill Side of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture
Front Porch of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture
Unfinished Interior of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture


  • Programming
  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Services

project information:

  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Started: Fall 2009
  • Completed: Spring 2011

building information:

  • 2,100 seat auditorium
  • State-of-the art youth center
  • Main Street space
cabin architecture – context

GMH By Design believes that a projects context is as important as any of the clients needs. This means each and every one of our projects takes the location of the project into consideration; local as well as the actual property itself.

cabin architecture – comfort

GMH By Design is all about the comfort of our clients with the final project. For most, a remodel, addition, or new building will be one of the most expensive purchases they make. In the case of The Retreat, the client wanted to double the size of the original cabin while at the same time maintaining the feel of a secluded cabin.

cabin architecture – retreat

The definition of retreat is a place of privacy or safety. The intent of GMH By Design when designing The Retreat was to provide just that a place for the client to rest, relax, and enjoy their privacy in a safe comfortable place.

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