mixed-use | office | hospitality

blake street

Hospitality and Restaurant - Salt and Grinder

salt and grinder deli

One Steamboat Place

one steamboat place

Spire - Denver


civic + religious

church | monument | library

Church Architect - Memorial Garden

memorial garden

Stonebridge Christian Church


Arapahoe Road Baptist Church Remodel

arapahoe road baptist

Northeast Christian Church - Louisville

northeast christian


custom | remodel | multi-family

custer home

Custom Residential

elati residence


denver duplex

Cabin Architecture

parkhill pop-top

master planning

campus planning | urban renewal

Masterplan - Calvary Christian Church

calvary christian church

Ghantoot Masterplan

ghantoot – abu dhabi

My Refuge House

my refuge house

our projects

GMH By Design is a full-service architecture practice specializing in commercial, mixed-use, civic + religious, and custom residential projects. We also have experience in hospitality, master planning, and transportation.

commercial architecture

We work closely with businesses, large and small, to create innovative architecture solutions for mixed-use, office, and hospitality projects. These projects present their own unique challenges providing incredible opportunities to improve the fabric of cities, no matter the size. We seek to engage the people with their surroundings and community through our architectual solutions. Creative design can be an attention grabber, and through the use of geometric variation and the play of light and form, we look to create intrigue with all of our projects.

civic + religious architecture

Civic and relgious spaces bring people together in social, operational and intellectual centers. They define our communities. Through architecture we create meaning with symbolism, style and scale. GMH approaches these projects with consideration for the human experience and the creation of excitement for learning and leadership through the use of innovative technologies, sustainable and energy efficient systems, naturally lit environments and warm, friendly surroundings.

custom residential

GMH defines residential as any place you call HOME. So, we deal one-on-one with you to provide the very best project possible. Our residential projects include custom homes, remodels, and additions. These projects range from small deck remodels to new custom homes. In all cases we greatly involve our clients in the design process. Afterall, it is your home. GMH is adamant the design is collaborative, contextual and intentional.

master planning

Compelling environments can be created through thoughtful campus and urban design. What may seem to be disparate and separate individual actions becomes successful collective results through enlightened leadership which encourages the mutual good. The community fabric is the canvas upon which a new vision is sketched. Everything comes together to create a central idea which will define the image, character and context for the entire site or community. We work with you, at all scales, blending buildings and site into a comprehensive whole, designing great places within a sustainable urben setting.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

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