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GMH is an architecture practice offering quality workmanship, simple design, modern convenience and most importantly the benefits of a large firm at the cost of a small design office


intentional art

At GMH By Design architecture is not an accidental thing, it is created…By Design. It is an “intentional art” which combines Great Design, Innovation, and Collaboration.


Your finished project begins with our exacting design and documentation process using tried and true techniques and state of the art design technologies.

Each project and client are treated as unique, and our solutions are context-driven considering many aspects, including site location and orientation.

architectural services

Architecture is much more than aesthetics. To us, design excellence in architecture means that it is of its time and place, creating an authentic design of today. It is true to its nature, history, culture, scale, materials, and place. Excellent design is sustainable, exemplary, and the pioneering use of new or unexpected materials and technology.

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we collaborate with uniquely talented consultants to bring your project to life

quality workmanship

At GMH By Design we believe that good design comes from a collaborative process, with a keen focus on the client’s vision. Our intent is to add tremendous value for our clients, exceeding their hopes and dreams…By Design.

We are committed to creating live, work, and play spaces for better life experiences.

our portfolio

Our creative designers have over fifteen years experience working in the architecture profession. We specialize in Commercial, Civic + Religious, and Custom Residential projects. In addition, our portfolio includes mixed-use, hospitality, transportation, and master planning projects.

we donate and volunteer our services, skills, time and expertise to organizations that help people in their personal lives

build a bit

Everything we come into contact with in our life is designed in some way by someone. But design isn’t the only tool people need to realize their full potential. That’s why we donate and volunteer our services, skills, time and expertise to organizations, like Habitat For Humanity and The One Percent, that help people in their personal lives.

meet our founders

Greg and Sherri Houston founded GMH By Design in 2010, an architectural design firm specializing in commercial, civic, religious, and residential projects. Greg is a licensed architect with over 15 years experience in the architectural profession. In addition to his design career, Greg teaches and has developed design, theory, and technical courses, all related to his passion for architectural design and the built environment.

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