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services are streamlined for each project, based on the client and end user


let gmh be your colorado architect and work for you




we develop the design to bext meet the needs, wants and dreams of our client


we produce the necessary drawings for successful permit and construction


we manage the project to ensure completion of the design intent

architectural services

Architecture is much more than aesthetics. At GMH, a Colorado architect, design excellence in architecture means that it is of its time and place, creating an authentic design of today. It is true to its nature, history, culture, scale, materials, and place. Excellent design is sustainable, exemplary, and the pioneering use of new or unexpected materials and technology.

programming services

As a Colorado architect we believe programming is a crucial piece of the architectural process. However, we understand some of our clients have already considered these aspects.

For those that need these services we offer unique insight and inspiration strengthened by technical and creative thinking. We consider spatial needs and requirements based on our insights in project types as well as the context of your specific project.

master planning services

We view master planning as a cooperative process, unifying multiple and often conflicting interests. It solidifies the diverse viewpoints of a neighborhood group, city council, design review board, or zoning department.

As a Colorado architect we create unique solutions to challenging problems through open and participatory dialogue enhancing the character and quality of our work.

master planning services

Need someone to oversee not just the design but construction of your project as well?

We can manage all aspects of the design and construction process, from developing and reviewing building plans to making sure a project meets environmental and zoning standards. We will consider all the factors needed to see our residential, commercial, and church projects reach successful completion.

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commercial architect

GMH By Design, founded by a native of Colorado, provides full architectural services. Led by Greg Houston, GMH By Design offers over fifteen years experience in the building industry.

architectural design

As a full-service architecture practice, GMH By Design will represent our client during schematic design, design development, construction documentation, bid and contract, and construction administration. It is our job to see the architectural design carried through construction.

conceptual designer

As a designer and licensed Colorado architect we create concepts from your ideas, wants and needs. These concepts are the first stage of the architectural design process and be used as a feasibility study based on square footage costs.

master planning

Often master planning services are required for our projects. Our experience includes, designing master plans for large church campuses and multi-site developments. Master planning includes site development concepts, custom landscape ideas for sinlge and milti-family projects.

sustainable design

At GMH By Design we are committed to creating spaces and places that are inherently responsible ecologically. Our view of sustainable design goes far beyond the current trend and addresses the indigenous questions of site location, building orientation, sun exposure, and other site defined issues. These steps will make the project more sustainable than any product purchsed and best of all there is no added charge for these considerations.


Programming is one of the first phases of architectural design. It is the phase in which the architect and client sit down and discuss the ideas, wants and needs which should be addressed for a successful project. GMH By Design looks forward to the contribution of each client in order to create successful architecture.

project managment

In our wheelhouse of skills is the ability to successfully manage a project from concept to completion. We oversee all design considerations and manage the project through construction to give you a seamless project on time and under budget.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

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