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As a church architect, GMH By Design partners whith its clients to create spiritual spaces that reflect the direct needs of the existing congregation while providing new members with a feeling of belonging. We work closely with congregations, large and small, to create unique spiritual architecture solutions for these projects. Each project presents its own challenges while at the same time providing these churches incredible opportunity to improve their physical experiences, no matter the size. GMH By Design, through creative design, light play, and geometric variation, looks to produce intrigue with all of our projects.

civic + religious delivery method

The traditional project delivery method required the owner to hire an architect and contractor and hope that they would cooperate and deliver a successful project.

As a civic + church architect, we can function within that type of relationship, we have seen more success in an INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY method. GMH By Design serves our clients as the architect on the project and will help to assemble a design team dedicated specifically for your project. The coordination of the team and its efforts provides an efficient and beneficial building process.

civic + religious project process

The INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY method brings all of the necessary team members together as early as possible so the design can be carefully and efficiently worked out to meet your budget.

This approach offers:

  • A cost effective design because of our access to construction and pricing information during the design phases
  • Delivery of the project with reduced likelihood of cost increases or overruns
  • Familiarizes the design and construction team with the project early on so there are less surprises during construction

civic + religious project quality

Quality is what makes us stand out as a civic + church architect and among our competitors. GMH By Design ensures that the designed and promised project is translated into the construction phase as seamlessly as possible.

We provide high quality design because we play a major role throughout your project, keeping the lines of communication open particularly with regards to issues of quality and design. In addition, there is a complete continuity regarding preferences and objectives during design and construction.

Our win-win process provides economics which encourage participation by quality contractors and consultants.

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cIVIC + CHURCH architect

GMH By Design is a Civic + Church Architect. We are a licensed and insured architecture practice that designs buildings and structures for non-residential use, such as churches, monuments, libraries and government buildings.

Aside from aesthetics, we consider an array of factors during the design process, such as functionality, building codes, safety regulations and construction costs.

In addition to the design GMH By Design develops the building plans and consults with contractors and consultants to successfully deliver the project to our clients.

duties of a civic + CHURCH architect

We participate in the entire building process which typically begins by consulting with clients to determine factors such as design requirements, project site and budget.

During the design and creation of construction documentation, GMH By Design coordinates the building process, collaborating with other professionals, such as engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and construction contractors.

As a civic + church architect, we also provide other post-construction services, such as ensuring that workers are paid and that buildings are tested and inspected.

what is civic + CHURCH architecture?

Civic + church architecture is the design of buildings and structures for use by church organizations and congregations, government employees and entities, and other civic uses such as libraries, fire departments, and police stations. It is focused on combining function with style to meet the needs of a wide range of uses.

In all cases, commercial projects will need to be stamped by a licensed civic + church architect.

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