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Tips And Tricks

tenant finish

The review and permitting process for a tenant finish or remodel will vary depending on the size and location of the project. GMH By Design can help.

Denver Home Remodeling

Tips And Tricks

denver home remodeling

GMH is a licensed architect experienced in home remodeling and can help you during the design and construction process

Museum Architecture - Kimball Art Museum


museum architecture

Museum architecture is celebrated in Louis Kahn’s Kimball Art Museum and Piano’s addition.



FasTracks is a comprehensive transit program aimed at providing easy and convenitent bus/rail connections.

best Colorado towns

Compiled List

best colorado towns

The best Colorado towns are known for their outdoor culture, natural landscapes, and recreational activities. All things young families are interested in.

Colorado business

Compiled List

colorado business

Colorado business – Four Colorado cities made Forbes best U.S. cities list; two in the top ten


300 days of sunshine

For Colorado natives this might be a key component to making the decision to jump on the solar power bandwagon

My Thoughts

repurposed architecture

Repurposed architecture is one of the best uses of old architecture in Colorado. Take a look at Denver’s Colorado National Bank Building

My Thoughts

cherry creek architecture

Was the choice to convert the low-rise Cherry Creek architecture into a mid- to high-rise neighborhood in keeping with the original intent? No. Does it work? Maybe

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