cabin architecture

the three critical goals of cabin architecture are:

context, comfort, and retreat. Our designs meet these goals

Conceptual Elevations of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture

cabin architecture

This cabin was originally a fishing retreat with a small gutting sink, a great room and a screened in porch. A total of 700 square feet.

GMH By Design was hired to double the size of the cabin, provide a full kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms, and a loft space.

The single room of the original cabin is now a great room with an open ceiling, hearth, and fireplace for family gatherings and relaxing.

By reusing as much of the existing siding, windows, and doors as possible the cabin maintains the original feel.

Downhill Side of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture
Front Porch of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture
Unfinished Interior of The Retreat - Cabin Architecture


  • Programming
  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Services

project information:

  • Location: Pinecliff, CO
  • Started: October 2009
  • Completed: July 2010


Our client for The retreat was a young married couple with two playful children. The husband had spent summers in Pinecliff growing up.

cabin architecture – context

GMH By Design believes that a projects context is as important as any of the clients needs. This means each and every one of our projects takes the location of the project into consideration; local as well as the actual property itself.

cabin architecture – comfort

GMH By Design is all about the comfort of our clients with the final project. For most, a remodel, addition, or new building will be one of the most expensive purchases they make. In the case of The Retreat, the client wanted to double the size of the original cabin while at the same time maintaining the feel of a secluded cabin.

cabin architecture – retreat

The definition of retreat is a place of privacy or safety. The intent of GMH By Design when designing The Retreat was to provide just that a place for the client to rest, relax, and enjoy their privacy in a safe comfortable place.